NBA’s Wizards send Israeli native Deni Avdija to Portland, in an unexpected deal.

The Washington Wizards have parted ways with Israeli forward Deni Avdija after four seasons, moving him to the Portland Trail Blazers in a move that was apparently unexpected.

According to the NBA website, the Wizards will obtain guard Malcolm Brogdon, the 14th overall pick in the 2018 NBA draft, as well as an additional pick in 2029. Avdija finished sixth in this year’s Most Improved Player voting.

According to the NBA, the 2.06-meter (six-foot-nine-inch) athlete averaged 14.7 points and 7.2 rebounds last season, while shooting 37.4% from three.

Avdija allegedly signed a four-year, $55-million contract deal with the Wizards in October, which will last until the 2027-28 season, so the transfer was unexpected.

He began playing in the NBA with the Wizards in 2020. According to the Ynet website, Troy Weaver, the previous general manager of Detroit, made the first decision to waive him. Weaver joined theWizards serve as a senior adviser. Weaver made the decision along with Wizards president Michael Winger and general manager Will Dawkins. According to the article, Weaver’s appointment impacted the perception of Avdija’s importance to the team’s future, with the adviser now looking at other players.


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